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Am Local Service Airlines

America's Local Service Airlines
by David H. Stringer

The “Local Service Airlines,” as they eventually became known, were given birth by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). In 1943, the CAB undertook a mission to investigate the possibility of extending scheduled air service to smaller cities and towns throughout the United States even if the service to some of those communities might not be economically viable. This was an incredibly progressive undertaking for a government agency. America was in the midst of World War Two. The nation was becoming “air-minded” and the members of the Board knew that, once the war was over, every city and town would want to be on the airline map with this new industry carrying the weight of importance that the railroads had shouldered in the 19th century. Providing transportation to isolated towns and implementing air service to communities near military installations in support of national defense were additional reasons for examining the potential of this new type of air carrier. This is the story of the 13 airlines that were selected to participate in this experiment.  ( ISBN  978-0-9801092-1-4, Released June 1, 2016 )


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American Aviation Historical Society Photo Archive Series

     The American Aviation Historical Society offers a series of photo CDs containing high resolution scans of images from in their extensive photo archives. Each CD contains more than 100 images having resolutions sufficient to produce photo quality 8"x10" prints. Each CD focuses on a particular aspect of American aviation history grouped along manufacturer lines and/or class of aircraft.
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AAHS Photo Archive Series

APT (Automobiles, Planes and Trains) Collectibles specializes in collectible memorabilia associated with the transportation industry.  Be it historic aircraft from the Golden Age of Flight, World War 2 or modern civilian and military aviation there is something to excite the interest of any aviation collector.  For the railroad enthusiast, APT provides a unique collection of memorabilia for those of the steam persuasion - steam locomotives and engines.  

APT strives to provide the highest quality collectibles manufactured by craftsmen dedicated to providing the most accurate presentation possible.  We are concerned with delivering the highest value for the money that will maintain its investment value with time.


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