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     APT Collectibles current offers a variety of fine art posters and prints covering all areas of on-road and off-road transporation.



     Aviation history is at the heart of this collectibles area.  Quality framed prints, collector photo sets and historic scale model aircraft from WW1, the Golden Age of aviation (1920-1939), WW2, and Jet Age.  Both military, civilian and commercial aircraft are featured in this department of APT Collectibles.
     Through a unique arrangement with the American Aviation Historical Society, APT Collectibles is able to offer back issues of the AAHS Journal, published quarterly for almost 50 years

     APT Collectibles also offers aviation history buffs the unique ability to add to their own collections photos of unique and rare aircraft.  These are available in pre-packaged Collector Sets or can be individually selected from our extensive library.  Each aircraft photo is identified on the back as to make, model, general specifications, aircraft serial number of that particular aircraft (if known) and year of manufacture.


     If railroad trains are your interest, we offer a wonderful collection of collectible quality prints of operating steam locomotives.




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